TOM Teaching material

TOPIC: Precipitation estimation and observing instruments

Talk about mobile Doppler on Wheels (DOW) radar deployments by Dr. Kosiba 21 Feb 2011 at U. of Colorado. The zip file contains the video taped lecture and the lecture slides (posted with Dr. Kosiba's permission): <<Download here>>

Lectures from MetEd, COMET Program (registration is free):

1Precipitation Estimates, Part 1: Measurement 
2Precipitation Estimates, Part 2: Analysis 
3Lectures on Radar Applications in Mesoscale Meteorlogy 
3Radar Signatures for Severe Convective Weather 

TOPIC: Flow over Mountains

Lectures from MetEd, COMET Program (you need to have an account but it is free of charge):

1Flow Interactions with Topography Dr. Wendell Nuss, Naval Postgraduate School
1Gap Winds 
1Thermally-forced Circulations II: Mountain/Valley Breezes 
2The PBL in Regions of Complex Terrain Part 1Dr. David Whiteman
2The PBL in Regions of Complex Terrain Part 2Dr. David Whiteman
2Mountain Waves and Downslope Winds 
2Dynamics & Microphysics of Cool-Season Orographic StormsDr. James Steenburgh, U. of Utah


Exercises related to TOM

Lower undergradate Level (e.g., ATOC 1050: Weather and the Atmosphere):

  • Worksheet to be filled out during the radar deployment (developed by Friedrich Feb 2011) - see attachments TOM-worksheet.pdf and Instructions-TOM-worksheeet.pdf
  • Homework assignment - see attachements Exercise-TOM-ATOC1050-SS2011.pdf and Exercise-TOM-ATOC1050-SS2011_key.pdf

Exercises related to TOM

  • to visualize the TOM data, use the NCAR JAZZ software <<click here>> (download software with link to the data)
  • for more data using the NCAR JAZZ software <<click here>>