XPIA radio updates

Mo 3/9/2015 1700 UTC: CU radiometer installed; both NOAA and CU radiometers run with same neural net files (Den_Z-OZ.prc); computer clocks synchronized; CU lost power between 1730-2100 UTC; also CU radiometer needs some time to adjust to environment; NOAA radiometer changed neural net files to Den_Z-OZ.prc at 1600 UTC => DO NOT USE DATA FROM 3/9/2015

Tue 3/10/2015 2042 UTC: NOAA radiometer changed calibration files to latest version (1/20/2015); run previously with calibration files from July 2014. use NOAA data with causion. CU radiometer lost power from 2000-0100 UTC.

Wed 3/11/2015 1800 UTC: switched CU radiometer to different power outlet, turned it on and off several times and reboot computer, no data around 1800-1900 UTC.

Wed 4/9/2015 2110-2115 UTC: rotated radiometer by 90deg scanning now east-west instead of north south; no near-by obstacles allowing for 0deg scans (3080 North=West; 3058 North=East); running both radiometers with same Blower Settings (RainThreshold=0.8, RG threshold = 0; Blower Speed = 100)

Friday 4/10/2015 2250 UTC: adjusted CU temperature calibration offset from +0.47 to -1.53degC

Monday 4/13/2015 14-15 UTC: changed procedure files from Den_Z-OZ.prc to Den_Z-OZ-0deg.prc (NOAA @ 1400 UTC and CU @ 1555UTC)

Friday 4/24/2015 2300 UTC: adjusted CU temperature calibration offset from  -1.53 to -0.47degC (after evaluation with independent temperature measurement at BAO)

Thursday 4/30/2015 1621 UTC: NOAA radiometer new pressure sensor; errorous pressure sensor affected T profiles maybe since 9 April.

Friday 5/8/2015: Uploaded lastest calibration (2/27/2015) files on CU radiometer; radiometer had run with old calibration files (2/13/2015) with noisy W-band chanel. Blower settings were set to original values.